• Michael T. Christensen

Um My Other YouTube Channel Exploded

So, in April of this year, I launched a new YouTube channel about Dungeons and Dragons, focusing on giving advice to players and game masters who want to improve their craft.

I hit 10,000 subscribers in a month and a half.

Obviously this is outstanding, mind-blowing, and completely unexpected. I knew I was making videos that I was proud of, but I had no idea that the channel would become this successful this quickly.

Since the premiere of that channel in April, I’ve been able to start a Discord server for fans, launch a Patreon, and sell some ad spots to TTRPG companies!

I keep meaning to get back to making some videos on my AuthorTube channel, even if that just became my vlog channel or something - but honestly, I’m getting huge results from focusing on my SupergeekMike channel at the moment, so I’m making that the priority.

Similarly, I might still use this blog for random thoughts and general discussions of media (I’m still me), but I doubt there will be consistent weekly updates.

The main place you can find me is SupergeekMike.com, which is the home for everything I've got going on right now.

Anyway, just wanted to check in and share what’s been going on :)

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