• Michael T. Christensen

This Isn't an April Fool's Gag - I Launched a Second Channel!

I'm still doing writing and AuthorTube stuff - you'll be seeing more videos hitting my channel starting next week, catching you up on some of my latest developments, and I've got some fun videos planned for the next few months at least...

But I've also launched a second venture: a D&D-themed YouTube channel, SupergeekMike:

Next week will feature a bunch of new videos, and then the following week will kick off a new release schedule of two videos per week. If you're at all interested in Dungeons & Dragons, Critical Role, or more of my dumb ugly face, you can get all of that at the other channel.

You can follow those updates on a separate website, SupergeekMike.com!

In the meantime, watch this space for more stuff specific to writing - I promise there are more updates on the way!

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