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New Content Schedule for 2021

Happy New Year! I'm planning a bunch of stuff for 2021!

As we kick off a new year, I have some exciting things ahead. If you follow this website you'll get to see everything I'm working on, so here's the new release schedule for my content:

Mondays - AuthorTube Videos

These videos will continue as they have so far. I'm really happy with the way the videos have been going, and I have a lot of ideas for subjects to tackle in 2021.

Wednesdays - "Comic Books are Lit" Podcast

My roommate and I are starting a podcast called "Comic Books are Lit," where the two of us dive into old comics and discuss them - they may be iconic, or absolutely bizarre, but they are always a ton of fun! If you like superheroes (and I hope you do, since I'm writing a book series about them), you should get a kick out of this show! New episodes will release every Wednesday on my website, as well as on every major podcast app.

At the end of each episode, we will play a custom version of "Guess Who" to figure out which character we will focus on in the next episode. And that game is available for you to play as well! You can buy a copy of "Guess Who" and download our cards here: Just print one copy of these cards for your deck, and two copies of these cards, one for each board.

Fridays - Blog Posts

I'm moving my blog posts to Fridays, and I already have a bunch of articles planned out. If you enjoyed my Superhero Movie Learning Curve Series, I think you'll really enjoy one of the projects I've got planned for the blog...

Weekday Mornings - Live-Streaming Writing Sessions

As I discussed in a previous video, my goal is to write for at least an hour every weekday, and I plan to live-stream as I write. (You won't see the screen or anything, you'll just see my hairy face scowling at my screen.) I will probably do this via YouTube Live, and I'm expecting to do it around 9am/10am every day.

Stay tuned to MichaelTChristensen.com for more updates!

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