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Hey, Where Have I Been? What Am I Up To? And What's Next?

I went on a hiatus this summer - my last video was in April, and my last original blog post was in May. So, why has it been so long?

First of all, I got married in late August! It was a really wonderful day, and nobody got COVID which is another great thing! At some point I'll do a blog or a video about planning a wedding during a pandemic, but it was quite the experience. It was fairly all-consuming in the months leading up to the ceremony, so that was one of the biggest things on my plate.

My wife and I have launched a new blog, so any other updates that involve both of us will go up there.

Also, if you're interested in Dungeons & Dragons, I launched a second YouTube channel, SupergeekMike, that is fully-dedicated to that game, giving advice and analyzing streaming games to steal some tricks. That channel also has a companion website at SupergeekMike.com.

I also got a job in March 2021 (after 10 months of being unemployed), which marked a big change to my routine. And then, once the wedding was over, I spent September and October prepping more videos for the channel, but I quickly became aware that my job wasn't just kind of bad sometimes... it was actively toxic and potentially dangerous, especially given their flagrant disregard for COVID safety.

So I took a break from videos and launched a job hunt, finally finding a new position early this year, which enabled me to break free from the previous environment. Now that I've been at the job for a few months, I have my feet under me, and I can finally get back to my writing, and to my videos.

And speaking of my videos...

What's Next?

For a long time, my YouTube videos have been dipping into more substantial topics/themes, but I haven't been able to bring my production level to the quality I'd like. But finally, with the break I had between videos, I've been able to take a look at my output and make some changes...

And then we had to gut our kitchen and fill our bedroom with lots of storage, appliances, and other random crap. So you might not see that increase in video quality until after the kitchen renovation is done, in May/June.

However, I'm definitely going to increase the number of vlogs on this channel. So many of my previous videos were focused on theory, tropes, and my opinions, but:

A: As an unpublished writer, how interested are people in my perspective?

B: How interesting is it to just watch me talk about these topics without some visual reference?

C: If I can make a year of videos about theory and opinions... then what is motivating me to keep writing?

I will still post some videos about theories or opinions as well, but instead of my normal talking-head video format, these will probably take the form of video essays, closer in style to creators I've admired for a long time, like Nerdsync, Patrick H. Willems, and Lindsay Ellis.

If you've been following my blogs, you probably noticed that they've gotten pretty ambitious. I'm proud of the essays I wrote, but these kinds of posts actually make more sense - to me, anyway - as video essays. So a lot of the drafts I had in progress have been converted into video essay scripts, and you'll probably see one or two of them on my main channel in the near future. The blog will continue, but it'll be more in the style of general musings, documenting whatever happens to be on my mind.

But What About Writing?

Since this is all about me learning to be a better writer, and that's how I want to make my living, I really want to make sure I don't neglect my writing. And over the past month, I've had a lot of really wonderful ideas for new stories. I'm currently outlining a fantasy novel, which right now I'll call The Dragon Novel. While I'd love to get into some more of these projects this year, right now my main goal is to rebuild my writing habit, which has suffered a great deal over the past year.

Stay tuned for more soon...

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